9 Best Solutions to Fix WhatsApp Voice Messages Not Working Issues

WhatsApp is one of the most famous social media platforms. Through this platform, you can send messages, pictures, videos, and document files. Another important feature of WhatsApp is a voice message. It is said that through voice message you can completely convey your message. Also, you can express your emotions in the best way on voice messages.

WhattsApp Voice Messages Not Working Issues

When we talk about the feature of a voice message on WhatsApp, there are also some common issues faced by WhatsApp users. These issues include the black screen and “The video is unavailable” errors while hearing the messages. Other than this sometimes you are unable to download voice message or it is an empty message. Now the question arises that what are the Solutions to Fix WhatsApp Voice Messages Not Working Issues.

9 Best Solutions to Fix WhatsApp Voice Messages Not Working Issues

In this post, we will discuss some simple solutions to fix the voice message not working issue on WhatsApp. These simple solutions will help you in solving these issues. Following are the solutions:

Restart the Phone

If you are unable to download voice messages or finding difficulty in recording a new voice message. This is maybe because your phone needs to refresh by stopping active apps. For this purpose, restart your phone and again open WhatsApp app. By doing this, probably your issue will be solved.

Necessary permissions

If you are unable to record voice messages or you are interrupted while recording a voice message. Then there is a possibility that you have not granted permissions to the WhatsApp app. These permissions are necessary to run the app successfully on your device. For example, permission to access MIC will be required in case of a recording. Following are the steps to give permission to WhatsApp on android:

  • Go to the Settings of your phone
  • Then select Apps & notifications or Apps or Application Manager.

WhattsApp Voice Messages Not Working Issues

  • From the given list of apps, tap on WhatsApp>Permissions.

WhattsApp Voice Messages Not Working Issues

  • After that, if there’s a toggle on the next screen next to Microphone, turn it on. If it is a simple Microphone, tap on it and then select Allow.

WhattsApp Voice Messages Not Working Issues

  • In case the Microphone is already turned on, then turn it off and turn it on again.
  • Now restart the phone.

For the iPhone, you will be requiring to perform the following steps:

  • Go to Settings of your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and select WhatsApp.
  • Turn on the toggle in front of Microphone.
  • If it is already on, then turn it off and turn it on again.
  • At last, restart the iPhone.

Turning off third-party Voice Recording Apps

Another reason for problems faced in WhatsApp voice messages is presence of third-party voice recording apps. Permission to access MIC of all of these apps should be disabled while recording a WhatsApp Voice message. By doing this you will be able to record a voice message on Whatsapp. If still, the problem is not solved, then the final solution is to uninstall all those third-party voice recording apps from your phone.

Screen Protector

Another interesting problem faced by users is the automatic playing of WhatsApp voice messages. What happens is that actually there is a proximity sensor placed on your phone. It works mainly on the position of your ear. We have seen many times while listening to a call, our screen gets black. This is because the proximity sensor is covered by ear.

This feature is very useful in some conditions. For example, when you are in a rushy place, or you are with your friends. You can hear your WhatsApp voice messages even in a low voice by keeping a finger on the proximity sensor. The same feature is used by WhatsApp. When a proximity sensor detects your ear, it automatically starts playing your voice messages. And users think that there is a fault in their mobiles, but this is not the case.

Sometimes it can be due to the wrong placement of screen protector. So you can rectify this problem simply by changing your screen protector with the right one or by putting it in the right place. So, it does not disturb the proximity sensor.

Increase Volume

Sometimes voice messages on WhatsApp are playing but we can not listen to them. It happens mostly in the cases when we shift from earphone mode to the handset mode or vice versa, we forget to increase the volume. The situation becomes very awkward when after spending hours on the phone, you come to know that this problem was due to low volume settings. So keep this thing in your mind that volume on both modes is a different thing. When you are using your earphones or when you are back to the handset mode you have to change your volume.

Enough Storage

If you are downloading a voice note on phone and you are getting an error “Sorry, cannot load this audio right now. Please try again later”. This is maybe due to your storage issues. Sometimes your memory is full or near to it. So it cannot download any other file. Hence displaying this error on your screen again and again.

In these types of situations, first of all, give a check to your available memory. If it enough, it is ok. But otherwise, create space for your WhatsApp voice message first and then download it again. After completing this procedure, most probably, you will be able to download voice messages successfully.

Clear Cache (For Android only)

This solution is only for Android users. Sometimes these errors can be due to the presence of caches. Caches are not removed by clearing storage or data. On Android, you can remove caches manually. Removal of caches requires the following steps:

  • Go to the Settings of your Android phone.
  • Then go to Apps and notifications or apps.

WhattsApp Voice Messages Not Working Issues

  • Tap on WhatsApp from the list of apps given below.

WhattsApp Voice Messages Not Working Issues

  • Then tap on Storage.

WhattsApp Voice Messages Not Working Issues

  • After this tap on Clear cache.

WhattsApp Voice Messages Not Working Issues

  • After completing this procedure, restart your phone.

After completing these steps, you will be able to use speedy WhatsApp for the next few hours.

Updating your WhatsApp app

In some cases, you find difficulties in WhatsApp voice messages due to an outdated version of WhatsApp. This problem can be due to the WhatsApp beta builds. So to avoid this problem, update your apps regularly. For this purpose, you can also turn on the automatic update mode of your phone. Otherwise, check updates for the app on a regular basis.

Uninstalling WhatsApp app

If applying all the above solutions don’t work for you. And you are still facing issues regarding WhatsApp voice messages. Then the last solution on our list is to uninstall the WhatsApp app and install it again. Remember uninstalling WhatsApp app and deleting the WhatsApp app are two different things. On deleting the app, all the data will be deleted. But the uninstallation case is different. Because in this case the app is only uninstalled from your phone but your account is still there. It is better to have a back up of your data before uninstalling the app. So that on installing the app again, all the data will be restored.


So most of the problems face regarding voice messages are due to android or iOS itself. Above are the 9 Best Solutions to Fix WhatsApp Voice Messages Not Working Issues. By applying these solutions, you will be able to solve most of the issues regarding voice messages.