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WhatsApp Will Drop Support for iOS 8 or older in February

Come February and WhatsApp will drop support for iPhones that are as yet running iOS 8 or an older adaptation of the iOS.

If you are now using WhatsApp on an iPhone running iOS 8, you will have the option to keep using it. In any case, starting February 1, 2020, users will never again have the option to make new records or re-verify their current WhatsApp accounts on iPhones running iOS 8.

Aside from iOS 8, WhatsApp will likewise quit supporting Android 2.3.7 and more seasoned renditions of the OS from Feb 1, 2020. Odds are if you claim an iPhone that is as yet running iOS 8, it is likely old as of right now and scarcely utilitarian. Apple has an inclination of supporting its devices for in any event five years after dispatch so WhatsApp dropping help for iOS 8 is probably not going to influence a sizeable number of users.

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WhatsApp’s FAQ additionally clarifies that there is no real way to formally transfer talk history among Android and iOS devices. Rather, the organization suggests messaging yourself significant visit discussions as connections. Some outsider devices do exist that enable you to transfer WhatsApp talk history from iPhone to Android or the other way around however they are generally paid.

If you are using a Windows Phone, WhatsApp will quit working on the OS after December 31, 2019.